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Assessment Alliance


THREE specialist players for ONE seamless service.

The Assessment Alliance unites three specialist providers in the testing industry, Prepona, Certify and ITTS, offering end-to-end, yet modular, assessment development and delivery solutions. The synergy between the three companies lies in the fact that each has historically provided highly personalized and modular services to smaller and medium-sized test publishers and awarding bodies. By working as one, we are able to provide these solutions to any awarding body, no matter how big or small, affording our clients the opportunity to choose only the services they really need. All of this done without sacrificing the individual strengths of each provider, including the personalized customer focus approach we have always fostered in our respective environments.

From item authoring, candidate registration and payment services, test center management system, to secure on-and offline delivery modes across our global test-center network, we ensure a seamless service backed up by full help-desk support. And in the event we may not have a presence in any given location, our stringent quality assurance and vetting procedures will ensure a site is sourced according to your requirements.

An integral part of our business model is to offer all prospective clients the opportunity to do a demo test and see how our service works from registration through to result reporting. More importantly, we are also committed to offering a chance for you run a pilot program customized to your own test content and delivery needs.

Removing boundaries, expanding the reach of your assessment. Go to TEST DRIVE to schedule your demo today or organize a pilot with your own content.


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Start from Scratch

We can help you set up your own global certification program.



Migrate from PBT to CBT

Our experienced team can assist you in migrating from PBT to CBT.


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Global TC Network

Use our global test-center network for all your certification needs.

Improve the experience

Test Taker Experience

Provide a truly user-friendly experience to your test takers.


Freedom in BYOD events

BYOD Solution

Use our portable BYOD solution and deliver exams wherever you want, including CAT.


Add scalability and flexibility

Serving Academic Institutions

See how our platform can provide you with all your testing and assessment needs.x

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Assessment Alliance
Assessment Alliance

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